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The Ontario Produce Auction will begin our regular produce auction on Thursday April 23. Tuesday April 28...

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Friday, May 29


Accepting  farm and constructions equipment for consignment. **NO INDOOR SPACE FOR SMALL LOTS.** Online bidding will be available through PR...



About Us


An Inspiration

A Design and Location

A Design and Location


For many years the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY has been bursting with family farms growing produce in abundance!! From flowers in the Spring, through the fruits and vegetable season, on into the fall harvest...the land bountifully produced. But there was no centralized local outlet so as to sell their produce. Other produce auctions existed in the surrounding areas, but nothing was in or near Canandaigua. So the farm families spent much of their annual revenues on hauling costs so as to get their produce to these far away auction locations.

In 2015, a group of local growers, including both Mennonites and non-Mennonites, began discussing the possibility of developing an outlet for their produce in the Canandaigua NY area. That discussion, over time, grew in popularity and interest to a point where more and more farm families in the area were talking about this new idea.

And so a core group of these growers formed a Committee to develop this inspiration a bit farther...


A Design and Location

A Design and Location

A Design and Location

 Eventually an Architect was engaged to design a building that would care for the needs of a produce auction of this size. What was the volume of Producers that would utilize this facility? What was needed to accommodate this volume of producers? What was needed to accommodate the Buyers? Who would come? And how many? And after much review and a number of modifications, a design came into focus... 

 But where could it be built? A location was needed. It needed to be close enough to Canandaigua to attract the Produce Buyers, yet close enough to the rural communities to facilitate the deliveries of produce via steel wheeled tractors and farm wagons. A land search ensued until just the right spot was identified. 


Yet the task was not over, for now the question was whether the Town municipality would allow such to be built. Was the zoning appropriate? Were there adequate public services in the area? Could this property satisfy the needs of such an endeavor?

Finally the "green light" came from the Town of Gorham, granting permission to build a produce auction.


Funding and Reality

A Design and Location

Funding and Reality

The big question: how would it be paid for? From where would the funds come? A call went out to the community of farm families, and the answer quickly came back loud and clear!!

People wanted this produce auction and were ready and willing to invest in it...from young men just getting their start in farming investing $500 to the well seasoned veteran farmer who could invest much more...all were excited to have a share in bringing this idea to fruition, to help turn this dream into reality!! Even the local banks were offering any support that may be needed to get this project up and running.

In one day's time, enough funds were raised to buy the land and build the building. Incredible!

 And so on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the official ground breaking took place as the site was prepared. Then, with a fever in the air, on Monday, August 7, 2017, a 'barn raising' occurred wherein farm families from all around came to help erect the building. By noon all of the exterior poles had been set, the roof trusses were on, and half of the roofing had been installed. Over the next 10 weeks the construction site was abuzz with activity...everyone helping get the building built...from concrete workers & carpenters, to electricians & drywallers, to plumbers & painters. 

 The long awaited first auction was held on Friday, October 27, 2017.  And, as they say, "the rest is history" (in the making). 

Auctions Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am, Fridays at 4:


Our Auction Welcomes You!

When you visit Ontario Produce Auction, you have the opportunity to bid on the freshest local produce available. You can visit with the folks who grow them!

The fruits and vegetables make the short trip from neighboring farms. We also look forward to having a nice selection of locally produced eggs, honey, and maple syrup. Fresh flowers, plants, and nursery stock may also be available. 

When the seasons change in the Finger Lakes, you are welcome to bid on bulk groceries and produce provided by a local vendor. During the growing season, auctions are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am and Friday evenings at 4:30pm (May through September).

Fall and winter auction day is Thursday (November through April). Check back often for updates. 

Our Community

Ontario Produce Auction is located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. A visit to the auction can be not only fun but educational. We strive to provide the best quality produce for your family. We also welcome area chefs to explore the bounty for farm to table cuisine.

Our Auction Policy

Visit our office to obtain your bidder number before the auction begins. We also honor bidder numbers from Finger Lakes Produce Auction in Penn Yan (register with the office prior to bidding ). Please bring identification. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted for payment. 

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We'd enjoy seeing you at an upcoming auction! Please check back often for special events.  

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